A3 x160 – tray with 16 by 10 round plugs, each 27mm in diameter
A5 x60 – tray with 6 by 10 round plugs, each 47mm in diameter
A5 x60 forest – 6 by 10 square plugs, each 48x48mm and depth 170mm
A5 x45 – tray 5 by 9 round plugs, each 52mm in diameter
A6 x40 – tray 5 by 8 square plugs, each 62x62mm
The plants in trays are sold only in whole trays - respectively 40, 45, 60 or 160 pcs. The unit price is for one plant / rooted cutting.
The prices are without included value of the tray and is valid only in case the tray is returned to our nursery undamaged. The value of 1 tray is 2,04 EUR.
All prices mentioned are without VAT 20% and are in EUR. We are a VAT registered company so for export within the EU the tax is not due at the purchase.



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