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Our company has been the main supplier of cedar seeds for forestry needs in Bulgaria for over 25 years. The production is in conformance with Directive 1999/105/EC and is from identified base sources: park Metodi Kusev - Ayazmoto, Nr 1661309120233 - C02-CAT-09-3-002-3-2 and park Bedechka, Nr 1661309120133 - C02-CAT-09-3-001-3-2 (Cedrus atlantica, Cedrus deodara).

The seeds are produced using wet technology in our specialised seed extractory. This guarantees very high energy of germination and excellent results.

The price for Spring 2017 for seeds from Cedrus atlantica is 165,00 BGN (84,36 EUR)/kg (without VAT).


Certificates and other documents:

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